Trane chiller tonnage by model number

For example, if the number is 3, then the unit was built in 1973. .

AHRI Efficiency IEER (STD Cooling Only/ VAV Fan) AHRI Efficiency IEER (HI Cooling/ VAV Fan) Low Modulating Gas Heating (Input/Output) (MBtuh) High Gas Heating (Input/Output) (MBtuh) High Modulating Gas Heat Turndown Unit Weight (lbs) Cooling Only5. OptimusTM Water-Cooled Chillers Model RTHD. Extreme low ambient operation is offered down to -20°F (-28 Follow the steps below to determine the tonnage of your Trane AC unit: Look for the model number of your Trane AC. Comprehensive Chiller-Heater Systems. EarthWise Systems6 savings as compared to Conventional Systems7 operating at 100% energy consumption 6EarthWise Systems Waterside: 12°F ∆T across evaporator, 15°F ∆T across condenser, high-efficiency chiller. Ask about Trane products, warranty, and dealers. We design UniTrane fan coil units as an integral part.

Trane chiller tonnage by model number

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Create optimal comfort with an air conditioner and. March 2020RLC-PRC020J-EN ©2020 Trane RLC-PRC020J-EN To meet a wide range of applications in the me dium-tonnage, water-cooled market, Trane is proud to recommend the model RTHD helical-rotary liquid. Getting Started Guide System Recommendation Tool Phone Number Step 1 of 2 Lower your home cooling costs with the right mix of cooling and energy efficiency from the Trane XR13 air conditioner, which has a SEER2 rating of up to 13 HVAC Glossary Repair or Replace Guide. 5-25 Ton Cooling & Gas/Electric Keywords: Voyager, cooling, gas/electric, Quick Reference Guide, RT-PRC038K-EN Created Date: 20060112091533Z Thermafit™ Air-to-Water Heat Pump.

Unlike split systems, these systems only use one outdoor unit and work best in mobile and modular homes or homes without basements or attics. MERV 13 Pleated Throwaway 0= None Digit 25 — Accessory Section Air Cooled Condensing Units and EVP Chillers. Trane engineers brought innov. These plugs help seemlesly wire a TRS VFD to a rental chiller pump motor Page 7: Pre-Installation Trane Performance Climate Changer air handlers combine flexibility and reliability to meet your project requirements. Model Number Descriptions Unit Model Number Digits 1, 2 - Unit Model RT = Rotary chiller Digit 3 - Unit Type A= Air-cooled Digit 4 - Development Sequence C = Development sequence Digits 5, 6 and 7 - Nominal Capacity 120 = 120 Nominal tons 130 = 130 Nominal tons 140 = 140 Nominal tons 155 = 155 Nominal tons 170 = 170 Nominal tons Model Number Descriptions Unit Model Number Description Digits 1,2,3, 4— Chiller Model CGAM= Air-Cooled Scroll Packaged Chiller Digits 5,6,7— Unit Nominal Ton 020 = 20 Tons 026 = 26 Tons 030 = 30 Tons 035 = 35 Tons 040 = 40 Tons 052 = 52 Tons 060 = 60 Tons ®® ® Sintesis® Air-Cooled Chillers.

Trane ® Cold Generator™ Compact Series model CICD water-cooled chillers are designed with flexibility, expandability and serviceability in mind. This unit is designed to operate at outdoor ambient temperatures as high as 115°F. DMAIC Model - The DMAIC model is commonly used in the Six Sigma process. ….

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